Stay Powered and Connected with Our Cell Phone Locker with Integrated Digital Signage!

cell phone locker

In a world where staying connected is crucial, our cell phone locker with integrated digital signage offers a game-changing solution. Designed to keep your devices powered up and communication channels open, this innovative 43" inch (non-touch) locker provides secure storage and charging for multiple devices simultaneously. What sets it apart is the seamless integration of a high-resolution digital signage display, adding immense value and functionality. Elevate your space with captivating visuals and interactive content while ensuring your visitors never run out of battery. Discover the power of our cell phone locker and revolutionize the charging experience today.

7" inch Touch Screen

Touch screen access control is customizable user interface and supports different languages.

cell phone locker

cell phone locker

8 Bay Cell Phone Locker

We understand the frustration of running out of battery just when you need your smartphone the most. That's why our mobile charging locker goes above and beyond the typical charging stations. With eight spacious bays, it offers ample room to securely store and charge multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that you and your customers never miss a beat.

43" Inch Android Display

We've taken it a step further by integrating a cutting-edge digital signage display into our charging locker. This powerful combination brings an added layer of value and functionality to your space. As users charge their devices, they're captivated by vibrant visuals and engaging content on the high-resolution 43" inch screen. Imagine the possibilities: promotional videos, eye-catching advertisements, informational displays, and even interactive experiences. It's a dynamic solution that not only caters to the practical needs of your audience but also elevates their overall experience.

cell phone locker

Custom Wrapping

Furthermore, our mobile charging locker unit offers the option of custom wrapping, allowing you to personalize the exterior to match your brand's identity. Make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression with a design that showcases your unique style and captures the attention of everyone who encounters it. With our custom wrapping feature, your charging locker becomes more than just a practical solution – it becomes a powerful branding tool that enhances your overall marketing strategy.

Cell Phone Locker Features:

  • 8 bay Phone charging locker
  • UVC Sanitization
  • 43″ Screen Android Digital Screen with Cloud-based Digital Signage Software pre-installed (optional)
  • 7" HD LCD Touch Screen 4 digit Pin Code
  • 3 x Industrial-grade Braided Charging Cables in (Micro-USB / Lightning / USB Type-C) in each bay
  • Fast Charging
  • Housing Material: Cold-rolled Steel
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
    80 x 50 x 205 cm
  • Weight: 120KG

cell phone locker

Don't let your visitors experience the frustration of a drained battery. Upgrade to our state-of-the-art mobile charging locker with integrated digital signage and revolutionize their charging experience today. Stay connected, stay powered up, and make a lasting impression with our cutting-edge solution.

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