How Much Bacteria Is On Your Mobile phone

Your Mobile Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

All of us know that we need to wash our hands regularly to keep them clean from germs and bacteria. But do you know that bacteria on your phone is equal or more than 18 toilets? We all need to start considering about cleaning our mobile phones? According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, your phone is covered in germs: 25,000 bacteria per square inch, to be precise. This makes cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.

Mobile phones are a pathway for coronavirus transmission and are likely to be a ‘Trojan horse’ carrying the disease into your home without your knowledge, Dubai police said.

Bacteria Is On Your Mobile Phone

Our Mobile Phones are Crawling with Bacteria. You might be surprised just how filthy your mobile phone is, surpassing the average toilet seat by about 10x. Unfortunately, due to our constant use of mobile phones—plus a couple of other factors—these devices are a hotbed for germs and bacteria.

Compare bacteria that live on your mobile phone device with other objects within your home.

  • Toilet seat: 1,201 bacteria per square inch.
  • Kitchen counter: 1,736 bacteria per square inch.
  • Pet food dish: 2,110 bacteria per square inch.
  • Checkout screen: 4,500 bacteria per square inch.
  • Doorknob: 8,643 bacteria per square inch.

What’s On Our Phones

Why are our phones so dirty? One of the primary reasons is our behaviour. The average person checks their mobile phone approximately once every 12 minutes or 80 times per day. This means our hands are on our devices nonstop, and they are likely accompanying us on nearly every errand and activity, perhaps even when we visit the toilet.

While you might think of yourself as a particularly clean person, and a frequent hand-washer, your hands are one of your worst culprits. These appendages are in use constantly, touching everything from door handles to cash to sink taps. Along the way, your hands are capable of collecting enormous amounts of germs. From the fingertips to the elbow, you’ll find an average of 2 and 10 million bacteria.
And you can’t trust other people to be clean either. Research shows that 95% of people don’t wash their hands properly. If you’re shaking hands with colleagues or touching something that anyone else has ever touched (basically, everything) there’s serious germ potential.

A second reason that our phones are so dirty is the heat they produce. Warm environments are where bacteria thrive. Unfortunately, your phone has its necessary heat-producing mechanisms, and you’re only adding to its warm environment by holding the device in your hands or storing it in your pockets. Those toasty atmospheres mean bacteria can grow and spread.

Keeping Dirt and Grime off Your Device

  • Don’t share your phone with others.
  • Don’t bring your phone to the toilet.
  • Keep your phone away while eating.
  • Learn to wash your hands properly.
  • Sanitize your phone regularly.

How to Cleanse & Sanitize Your Phone?

Your phone is due for a cleaning, but as we all know, water and electronics don’t mix. also don’t spray your phone down with disinfectant or clean it with alcohol pads. That is a strong NO. You could damage the screen and the phone’s protective shell, ports and coatings that were designed to protect the screen and internal components. So, What mobile phone users to do? Use Mobile sanitizing locker.

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Bacteria Is On Your Mobile phone